• Yankee Hill Machine - R9 Suppressor

Product Description

The Yankee Hill Machine R9 is YHM’s fully-welded tubeless 9mm suppressor built for durability and performance. Weighing only 10.7 ounces with a 5.2-inch length, the R9 is everything you’d expect from Yankee Hill Machine, including the budget friendly price. With its 17-4 stainless steel construction, the YHM R9 is corrosion resistant and impressively robust.

This 9mm suppressor was also built with a high firing schedule in mind, for use on sub-machine guns and SBRs, specifically. But in typical YHM fashion, the R9 goes above and beyond its original intended purpose and provides the ability to run on .300BLK and .308 Win as well. This YHM suppressor is also compatible with the YHM Phantom QD adapter, 3-lug adapter, Nielson adapter, and other direct thread sizes, truly taking its usefulness to the max. With its impressive noise reduction, durability, and versatility, the Yankee Hill Machine R9 is the perfect addition to your arsenal.

Rapid Fire

Length: 5.2”

Weight: 10.7 ounces

Diameter: 1.562”

Build Material: 17-4 stainless

Finish: Matte black cerakote

Rating: 17HMR – 9mm / .308 Win


What’s in the Box

User Manual

Piston and Booster NOT Included


Barrel Length Restrictions

7.62x51 / .308 Winchester: 16" minimum barrel length

350 Legend: 16" minimum barrel length

5.56 NATO: 16" minimum barrel length

300 Blackout: 8" minimum barrel length

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Yankee Hill Machine - R9 Suppressor

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